ACAT FOIA Repository

This is a public repository of documents released under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). The ACAT FOIA Repository Project offers access to thousands of federal documents successfully obtained in a collaboration between the Environmental Data & Governance Initiative and ACAT (Alaska Community Action on Toxics). The documents obtained are part of a community-led environmental history project for greater transparency in environmental decision-making. The documents reveal major environmental agencies' inner workings and external interactions within federal, state, and local governments, such as the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of the Interior, the Army Corps of Engineers, and others.


For academic footnote/endnote styles:
Chambers, Mark, Gretchen Gehrke, Pam Miller, Chris Sellers, Jessica Varner, and Vi Waghiyi, ACAT/EDGI FOIA Repository, Alaska: Environmental Data & Governance Initiative and Community Against Toxics, 2023.

For journalism:
"ACAT/EDGI FOIA Repository," along with a link to for web formats.

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