Union of Concerned Scientists, “Presidential Recommendations for 2020"

The Union of Concerned Scientists argued that the next president after Trump needed to show leadership in restoring and strengthening the use of science in government. The UCS outlined four general areas of focus: 1) promoting science-based decision making; 2) strengthening scientific integrity; 3) enforcing transparency in decision making; 4) addressing conflicts of interest; 5) safeguarding government scientists; 6) fostering public participation in decision making; and 7) protecting democratic processes. Within these areas, the UCS identified dozens of specific policy recommendations, many of which targeted the EPA. These included ways to better include frontline communities in decision making; maintaining transparency in science at the EPA without obstructing or sidelining the use of good scientific data; and reducing the influence of industrial interests who undermine scientific decision making.


Union of Concerned Scientists


Jacob Carter, Taryn MacKinney, Genna Reed, and Gretchen Goldman, “Presidential Recommendations for 2020,” Union of Concerned Scientists, January 29, 2020.