Earthjustice “Until the Earth Thrives, We Will Never Rest”

This blog post by Earthjustice highlights the organization’s courtroom battles—and victories—over the last four years. The page offers links to several court cases: 1) the prevention of a corporate ploy to weaken the Clean Water Act in Hawai’i; 2) the protection of the Arctic against industrial exploitation, especially dirty energy such as oil and gas drilling; 3) the revocation of the Dakota Access Pipeline’s permits at Standing Rock and requirement of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to review the pipeline project’s environmental impact; 4) providing assistance to grassroots organizations to end and resist dirty energy companies from establishing oil or coal terminals in Washington state; 5) the protection of grizzly bears populations in Yellowstone from trophy hunting; 6) the prevention of the Pebble Mine project from being granted a permit in Bristol Bay, protecting its waters and wild salmon; 7) advancing the transition from fossil fuels to 100% clean energy; and 8) protecting endangered species and regional biodiversity by reducing fossil fuel development, deforestation, and industrial development.


Until the Earth Thrives, We Will Never Rest


Earthjustice “Until the Earth Thrives, We Will Never Rest” Earthjustice, January 19, 2021.