Clip from Interview with Geoffrey H. Grubbs (March 7, 2017)

On the origins of the EPA:

"Much less people who were more senior or anything. All I knew was it was a wide open field, people were more than willing to let you do what made sense. There was the law, the Clean Air Act was in place. People working on regs, regs had to get out. They all had deadlines. Managers were responsible.

It was a good time, it was fine. It was absolutely fine even though Nixon was president; he had vetoed the Clean Air act, vetoed the Clean Water act, vetoed the creation of EPA. And so he was not exactly a friend or anything, but he was also so remote that it made no difference."


ETM SBU 024, interview by Katherine Kulik (Environmental Data & Governance Initiative, 2020).


Environmental Data & Governance Initiative Oral History Project