Tracking Biden's EPA

EDGI began in a fever of action and watchdog initiatives that followed the Trump administration’s four-year assault on our nation’s environmental protections. Now, EDGI’s A People’s EPA (APE) is tracking headlines on the Biden administration's many environmental promises and follow-through to provide news coverage assessing progress and roadblocks on the way toward more effective, just, and equitable environmental data & governance systems. Follow here for curated daily news from local and national sources as EDGI’s working group, A People’s EPA (APE), archives how environmental justice, science, people’s health, climate change, and equitable data transparency fare the next four years. 

(Updated May 5, 2021)


April 28, 2021

PFAS Exemptions Eliminated by EPA (The National Law Review, April 28, 2021)

Eastern Kentucky Oil Refinery Exceeds EPA Emissions Limit for Cancer-Causing Chemical (Lexington Herald Leader, April 28, 2021)

Biden Races Courts for Chance to Torpedo Trump Water Rule (E&E News, April 28, 2021)

Senate Reinstates Obama-Era Regulations on Methane (The New York Times, April 28, 2021)


April 27, 2021

Kilmer Pushes for EPA to Invest in Puget Sound Restoration and Recovery (The Suburban Times, April 27, 2021)

EPA Releases 28th Annual GHG Inventory (EHS Daily Advisor, April, 27, 2021)

Senate Confirms Janet McCabe as Deputy EPA Chief (The Hill, April 27, 2021)

EPA, U.S. Virgin Islands Officials Launch Probe After Second St. Croix Refinery Accident (Washington Post, April 27, 2021)

Regan's Contentious Bid to Reset EPA Scientific Integrity (E&E News, April 27, 2021)


April 26, 2021

EPA Moves to Scrap Trump Rule Preventing N.J. from Requiring Cars to Get Better Gas Mileage (, April 26, 2021)

Biden Infrastructure Proposal Prioritizes Equity and Environmental Justice (National Law Review, April 26, 2021)

The Fight to Clean Up the EPA (The Intercept, April 26, 2021)

EPA Moves to Give California Right to Set Climate Limits on Cars, SUVs (Washington Post, April 26, 2021)


April 20, 2021

EPA Staff Warned of Factual, Legal Issues in Trump Vehicle Climate Rollback, Watchdog Says (The Hill, April 20, 2021)


April 12, 2021

Scientists Fear Trump Wood-Burn Stance to Stay Under Regan EPA (Bloomberg Law, April 12, 2021)


April 11, 2021

Schumer calls on EPA to address Rockland PFAS Issue ASAP (Mid Hudson News, April 11, 2021)

Biden’s EPA Set to Take up Issue of Dangerous "Forever" Poisons (Salon, April 11, 2021)


April 10, 2021

Our View: New EPA Head Shows Promise (Winston-Salem Journal, April 10, 2021) 


April 9, 2021

Biden Budget's $14 bln Hike for Climate includes Big Boosts for EPA (Reuters, April 9, 2021)

Biden EPA, Climate Budget Ask Starts Debate: Jobs Vs. Deficits (Bloomberg Law, April 9, 2021) 


April 8, 2021

New EPA chief Michael Regan Relishes ‘Clean Slate’ after Chaos of Trump Era (The Guardian, April 8, 2021) 

EPA Awards $100K to Ann Arbor-based PFAS Remediation Business (Michigan Live, April 8, 2021) 


April 7, 2021

EPA Reverses Trump Stance in Push to Tackle Environmental Racism (The Guardian, April 7, 2021)

Petition Calls for EPA Regulation of Large Dairy and Hog Farms (Successful Farming, April 7, 2021)


April 6, 2021

EPA Announces $400,000 in Funding to Small Businesses in Alaska and Washington to Develop Innovative Environmental Technologies (EPA Press Release, April 6, 2021)

Environmental Justice makes Return to EPA (Arizona Capitol Times, April 6, 2021)


April 5, 2021

EPA to Outline Proposed Cleanup for Groundwater, Soil Contamination in York (Nebraska TV, April 5, 2021)


April 1, 2021

Clean Slate for EPA Scientific Advisory Committees (C&E News, April 1, 2021)

Dismissing Trump’s EPA Science Advisors, Regan Says the Agency Will Return to a ‘Fair and Transparent Process’ (Inside Climate News, April 1, 2021)


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